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Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies Haramous Residential Complex
Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies
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Haramous Residential Complex

Distinctly styled INMAA homes with traditional, modern and contemporary architecture. Each collectively represent the unified essence of the community and create a diverse and interesting streetscape.  

Designer grandeur meets Djiboutian lifestyle  

Nested to the oasis of nature and distinguished beaches of white sand, INMAA is landmark, community in the prime Haramous (Djibouti). Set amidst inspiring lakes, the community features a collection of 168 villas and 31 residential multistoried building overlooking the lagoon. With the freedom to choose from a selection of architecture style and views each home has been meticulously designed to offer a uniquely inspired experience.Conceived and created by world-renowned architects, interior designer and landscaping artist, INMAA brings to life your dreams of good living. 

Villa A @ Haramous

We have brought together a unique team of exceptional design talent to create the home experience at Haramous world class architects, landscape artists and interior designers, have made the villas and  views at haramous a class apart in luxury. These Mediterranean majlis seating areas. We have included everything to complete your home experience.  

The Most prestigious community 

INMAA is located in Haramous one of the prestigious communities of Djibouti. Set amidst a rich and a varied landscape. IT offers home owners a tranquil lifestyle with endless options for healthy relaxation and entertainment. 

Modern Villa A @ Haramous  

The modern villa at Inmaa is a great example of how tradition concept fuse elegantly with contemporary architecture. Imaginatively enhanced by nautical element the design is innovative and distinctive. Itࡠtestament to urban chic. The curved structure is characteristic of a cosmopolitan culture and along with the subdued and eclectic styling of the interiors, create a timeless modern classic.

Traditional Villa B @ Haramous 

This villa at INMAA is a mark of respect to timeless design and the old world charm of the home. I f you are an admirer of all things classical and Mediterranean, this villa will be your kingdom of choice. 

INMAA a happening Community  

Your home at home INMAA is right at the heart of a happening community INMAA brings to mind the palatial royal estate of old Arabia with its elegant architecture with shaded courtyards, garden, terraces. 

Contemporary Villa D @ Haramous 

A tribute to your individuality this villa at INMAA reflects your love for the simple and sophisticated. The angular roof and the large floor to ceiling windows stay engaged in an enticing conversation, while the earthy materials lend it a novel perspective. A bold statement on the surrounding landscape, your home can be rightly described as  㯮temporary art designed for life殢sp;

Buoyant Residential   

Marina is a aspirational  address for the residential community  and waterfront shops, cafes and restaurant with a broad range of activities and theme, there࡬ways something to do. 

Terrace Building @ Haramous 

In this terrace house, each home has a unique identity and collectively they represent the essence of the community. Its arched windows, majestic balconies and a romantic fa硤e gives a warm touch with natural simplicity, yet providing you with a sense of strength and timelessness. 

Unique Home Experience 

Every square foot of INMAA is unique and inspiring landscape solution to strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This seamless existences, both functionally and visually, is the key to relaxed spacious and elegant home experience. 

Apartment @ Haramous

The expertise to create unique and truly exciting home experience is what INMAA architects have brought to Djibouti. Careful attention has been given to the detailing, use of material, and interface between interior and exterior spaces. M2 

Villa Type Beds Area M2 FT2
A 5 Ground Floor 359 3862
First Floor 348 3744
A 5 Ground Floor 196.8 2117
First Floor 196.8 2117
B 4 Ground Floor 200 2150
First Floor 200 2150
C 2 Ground Floor 67.6 727
First Floor 67.6 727
D 2 Ground Floor 66.8 719
First Floor 71.7 771








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