Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies  Experience the power of innovative products
Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies

Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Group of Companies
Inmaa Fabrication One Group - Strong Vision

Construction | Ready Mix | Agriculture | Aluminum | Carpentry | Detergent | Fabrication | Fiber Glass | Nails | Pvc Pipes | Poultry | Tissue | Mineral Water | Marine & Boats



Our facility has unique machinery such as one of the largest milling centers in the African region as well as highly skilled, creative personnel to provide innovative solutions for your fabrication requirements.



  Whether the solution requires design and engineering development or is design complete and ready for fabrication, Inmaa Fabrication has the experience necessary to establish and execute a manufacturing plan to successfully and efficiently produce a quality end product.

Quality Standards

  Inmaa Fabrication has established a reputation for excellence in industries such as water purification, chemical and petrochemical, mining, complex steel structures, filtration, and manufacturing of various Fabrication Products.

Products Range

  • Pre Engineering (built-up sections)

  • Ware houses/Showrooms/Hangars/Workshops (rolled section or pre engineering)

  • Transmission towers

  • Pressure vessels/tanks/silos

  • Overhead cranes/Gantry cranes

  • Moulds for precast concrete

  • 3 Dimensional structures (space frames)

  • Metal doors, gates, staircases etc.

  • Cladding works

  • Metal decking for industrial/residential floors

  • Piping works & pipe lines

  • Platform for pickups

  • Maintenance of ready mix jobs & pumps

  • Porta cabins

  • Special form works

  • Ducting works

  • Aircraft hangers

  • Labour Accommodations & Office Buildings

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  At Inmaa Fabrication, you can be assured that you will save time and money when entrusting your project into our hands. Our skilled design team has helped numerous customers design, or redesign, their products for ease of manufacture. Our design team is available to work with you to individually design simple process parts or complex equipment and systems.



Processing & Detailing


To fulfill your Product processing & Detailing requirements Lootah Fabricationą°²ocessing department offers a complete range of material processing operations utilizing a variety of NC, CNC and manually controlled equipment. With our continuous investment in top quality tools you can rest assured that your products' processing & Detailing needs can be completed quickly, accurately and for less than you would have thought possible.      


  • Cut
  • Punch
  • Roll
  • Bend


  Inmaa Fabrication's welding program is administered in accordance with the requirements set by the various standards. Our welders are tested and certified to welding procedure specifications


  Our comprehensive machine Workshop capabilities include latest machining centers and are staffed with well-trained, experienced operators/programmers. We operate one of the largest and most versatile milling machines in the Middle East region


  Our finishing department has the knowledge, resources and equipment to put the finishing touches on your product. We offer in-house painting, sub-contracted powder painting and a complete range of surface preparation operations in accordance with International Standards.






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